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Jacob is a junior at the U of A studying a BA in Music with Vocal and Production emphasizes, and a minor in Korean. He was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but was adopted and raised in Tucson for all of his life. Jacob is passionate about sharing his love for music with everyone. He has aspired to be a singer since 7th grade and has worked very hard on his voice through the years. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, trying new food spots, singing in different languages, vibing to new music, and performing with Meow or Never! His biggest goal this year is to progress as much as he can as a singer, create some arrangements, and enjoy every day like it's his last. Jacob is incredibly blessed to have such warm and supportive brothers in Meow or Never!


Major - Music (Production and Vocal Emphasis)

Solos - Leave the Door Open - ICCA 2022

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