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Founded in 2008, Meow or Never's inception at the University of Arizona as a student-led group of various majors, ages and musical interests, no doubt contributes to the diversity of the ensemble's repertoire and close-knit personality. All of the arrangements that the group performs are completed by current or graduated members of the ensemble, and the group has a tradition of ending every set with their rendition of the University of Arizona's fight song, "Bear Down, Arizona!".

Highlights from past years include performing in a Straight No Chaser music video, hosting a workshop with the Grammy-winning New York Voices, hosting an ICCA West Quarterfinal in the UA's Centennial Hall, where they won the right to advance to the 2012 ICCA Semifinal at USC, and taking 1st place at the 2015 ICCA West Quarterfinal where they advanced to the 2015 ICCA West Semifinal at Pomona College. Meow or Never performed at TEDxUarizona in 2023. Meow or Never preforms for sororities, weddings, community events, and Men's Basketball games.

In the spring semester of 2022 the group officially changed their name to Meow or Never A Cappella. The group's founder, and current Phoenix Boys Choir Artistic Director Herbie Washington, gave his blessing for the group to evolve to focus on the group's goal of performing music for its community.

Be sure to check out our albums "Scratch Tracks", "9 Lives", and "Don't Press Paws", all available on iTunes and Amazon in addition to streaming services (Spotify). If you'd like a physical copy of any CD, please contact us through any of our social media, or over email at You can also order 9 Lives here.


Generation VIII
(2016- 2017)

CatCall 2016-2017.png

Top Row: Pratyush Ambadi, Ben Nichols, Jonathon Rubio, Ryan Parker, Steven Jiang, Jake Walker, Andrew Heidorn
Bottom Row: Drew McCrimmon, Ayush Sharma, Daniel Corrales, Trevor Thiss, Andy Nguyen, Arnie Ventura

Generation IX
(2017- 2018)

Catcall 2017- 2018.png

Top Row: Ryan Parker, Jonathon Rubio, Gabe Sulser, Steven Jiang, Trevor Mock, TJ Simon
Middle Row: Antonio Hayes, Andrew Heidorn, Pratyush Ambadi, Andrew Alamban, Drew McCrimmon 
Bottom Row: Daniel Corrales, Trevor Thiss, Faiz Rafique, Cameron Goldman, Arnie Ventura
Not Pictured: Sebastian Gonzalez, Jake Walker, Andy Nguyen

Generation X
(2018- 2019)

CatCall Gen X.JPG

Top Row: Pratyush Ambadi, Arnie Ventura, Shai Bloom, Andrew Alamban, Marcus Hawkins
Middle Row: Gavin Cloud, Andy Ngyuen, Faiz Rafique, Connor Brigola, Nowie Se, 
Bottom: Gabe Sulser
Not Pictured: Bennet Koh, Jake Walker, Cameron Goldman

Generation XI
(2019- 2020)


Top Row: Jacob James, Kai Wilson, Cameron Edenfield

Next Row: Andrew Kim, Arnie Ventura, Christopher Esguerra, Pratyush Ambadi

Next Row: Marcus Hawkins, Andrew Alamban, Trevor Stanley

Bottom Row: Faiz Rafique, Gavin Cloud, Gabe Sulser, Gabe Stultz
Not Pictured: Nowie Se

Generation XII
(2020- 2021)


Top Row:  Cameron Edenfield, Justin Cheung, Andrew Kim, Topher Esguerra, Jacob Lines, Trevor Esguerra

Bottom Row:  Gavin Cloud, Gabe Stultz, Niko Siapkaris, Kenny Kriha, Marcus Hawkins, Michael Rodriguez

Generation XIII
(2021- 2022)


Top Row:  Adam Mattson, Marcus Hawkins, Izak Lord-Wahlstein, Evan Laforge

Next Row: Everett Schafer, Noah Embry, Niko Siapkaris, Gavin Cloud, Jeremy Romitti

Next Row: Cameron Edenfield, John Dominguez-Trujillo, Justin Cheung, Onesimo Dong

Bottom Row:  Andrew Kim, Ross Nemeth, Jacob Thanh, Topher Esguerra

Generation XIV

Meow or Never-56.jpg

Top Row: Harrison Scholten, Benjamin Durand, Niko Siapkaris, Gavin Cloud, Jeremy Romitti, Adam Mattson
Middle Row: Josiah Santos, Harlesy Washburn, Noah Embry, Izak Lord-Wohlstein, Braydon Owen, Everett Shaffer
Bottom Row: Justin Cheung, Jacob Metcalf, Ross Nemeth, Brent Cesolini, John Dominguez-Trujillo, Andrew Kim

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