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Bass/vocal percussion

Gavin was born in Oklahoma but has lived all over the country before coming to the U of A. He's a Senior in his fifth year in Meow Or Never and is very excited for everything MoN has planned this year. His hobbies include living in the CatCall house, drinking apple juice, teaching himself something new every week, and getting absolutely yolked. Gavin enjoys spending time with the boys and really loves helping run the group and helping it grow.  He has lots of ideas for the future so keep a close eye for future announcements ;).  He also likes writing biographies for himself in the third person.


Major- Mathematics 

Minors- French and Psychology


Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley

Sit Closer to Me - Foster the People

Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles


Best Choreography (Full Set) - ICCA 2020

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